O'Keeffe's for Healthy ft Foot Cream, 3.2 oz., Jar

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O'Keeffe's® for Healthy Feet Foot Cream
Is a concentrated foot cream that heals, relieves and repairs extremely dry, cracked feet. When used daily, O'Keeffe's® for Healthy Feet is clinically proven to:

  • Instantly boost moisture levels
  • Help prevent further moisture loss
  • Create a protective layer on the skin's surface
  • Make a difference you will feel within days
O'Keeffe's® offers a tube version of our moisturizing foot cream. Our formula offers the same results O'Keeffe's® users know and expect in the convenience of a tube! Whether you prefer a tube or jar, O'Keeffe's® for Healthy Feet comes in both forms to provide guaranteed relief.

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