Construction Grade Glow Tape 1/2" x 10 yard Roll

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Construction Grade Glow Tape 1/2" x 10 yard Roll
A flexible polyester laminated photoluminescent film coated with a permanent acrylic adhesive and backed with a polycoated paper release liner. The photoluminescent pigments absorb and store energy from normal, ambient light. In sudden darkness, the tape is immediately visible. These non-electric safety system tapes easily and inexpensively affix to walls, handrails, stairways, columns, doorframes and baseboards. Tape will glow in total darkness after exposure to artificial or natural light - it is fully charged within 30 minutes. Glows brightest the first 30 minutes after activation has ceased, but will remain clearly visible in a completely dark room to the night-adapted eye for approx.
Color: Light Green
Adhesive Type: Solvent Based Acrylic
Tape Thickness (+/- 10%): 11 mils (excluding liner)
Liner Thickness (+/- 10%): 6.0 mils
Adhesion to SST (24 hr dwell): 110 oz/in
Min. Application Temp.: 50°F
UV Stability: Excellent
Glow Properties*: 20-24 Hours

Alternative to: Jessup #7550, #7650.

*Glow Properties (DIN 67510 Xe Lamp; 1000 Lx/5 min): Timespan necessary for afterglow brightness to diminish to 0.3 mcd/m2 - 100X human eye perception. Duration may vary (+/-) as several factors (i.e. type/proximity/angle/wattage of light source, conditions of exposure, etc.) may impact glowing lifespan.



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