3M 3779 Security Tape CHECK SEAL BEFORE ACCEPTING 3" x 1000 yard (4 Roll/Case)

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    3" x 1000 yard Clear 3M 3779 Pre-Printed Security Tape (4 Roll/Case)
    Is an industrial grade packing tape that securely closes a wide variety of medium weight box materials, including recycled fiberboard. The polypropylene film backing is easy to unwind and resists abrasion, moisture and scuffing. It features a red printed message reading: CHECK SEAL BEFORE ACCEPTING.

    Industrial Performance Packaging Tape Scotch® Security Message Box Sealing Tape 3779 Is a 1.8 mil (46 micron) industrial grade polypropylene film packaging tape with a synthetic rubber adhesive that offers roll to roll consistency to increase productivity for improved unit cost. It is specifically designed for flexibility and conformability under stress and is ideal for general industrial applications. It is easy to unwind and dispense with manual dispensers or the 3M-Matic Case Sealers. This tape resists abrasion, moisture, chemicals and scuffing for long-lasting performance. It Is a clear tape with bold, red type that reads: CHECK SEAL BEFORE ACCEPTING.
    Technical Information Note:

    The following technical information and data should be considered representative or typical only and should not be used for speci cation purposes.

    Typical Physical Properties
    Property - Values - Method

    • Color Clear with red printed message
    • Total Tape Thickness 0.048 mm 1.9 mil ASTM D3652
    • Backing Thickness 0.030 mm 1.2 mil ASTM D3652
    • Backing Biaxially oriented polypropylene lm
    • Adhesive Pressure sensitive hot melt rubber-resin
    • Holding Power to Fiberboard 3,500+ min ASTM D3654

    Typical Performance Characteristics
    Property - Values - Method - Substrate

    • Peel Adhesion 43.8 N/100mm 40 oz/in ASTM D3330 Stainless Steel
    • Elongation at Break 160 % ASTM D3759
    • Note Based on limited production. As su cient production data is gathered, a revised data sheet will be issued.

    Tensile Strength - Test Condition

    • 385 N/100mm 22 lb./in Machine Direction
    • 771 N/100mm 44 lb./in Cross Direction

    Property: Tensile Strength
    Method: ASTM D3759